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Find Your Perfect Residential Park Home

The Perfect Home

Posted on: 07/05/2020

Perfect Home - Westover Park Wales

We recently caught up with the lovely Carol & Steve, residents of the beautiful Westover Park in Wales

Last time we had caught up with them, they had been living on the park about 2 months & they were getting settled into park life. Click here to read.

It’s been 5 months now, Carol remembers the exact date she moved into her home – it was Friday the 13th (December 2019).

Definitely settled now, they have made their home one of the prettiest ones in the park.

I was quick to attribute it all to Steve since I knew he had worked for a garden centre. But it turns out it was Carol’s vision & designing & Steve’s hard work : )

The home has a lovely decking to enjoy some beautiful outdoor times & they have also landscaped the whole plot and added some beautiful plants & flowers.

Steve and Carol Westover 01
Steve and Carol Westover 02
Steve and Carol Westover 03
Steve and Carol Westover 04

Let see what Carol has to say about her life in the park!

It is actually fantastic. Everyone is so friendly & nice – the whole atmosphere is very friendly too.

Where we lived before – this whole sense of friendliness was totally missing. Everyone just kept to themselves & we never really knew or spoke with anyone except maybe our next door neighbour.

In the park, the friendships & companionship is unbeatable. There is always someone to have a quick natter with. But no one steps into your personal space so it’s just perfect.

The park is very well located in terms of essentials like Doctors, dentists, groceries, hairdressers – all a 5 minute walk!

Plus the local train station is about a 7-minute, level walk.

Then again, you are never stuck of places to visit. There is a list of beaches & lovely towns within 30 minutes distance. We can’t wait for a beautiful summer exploring some new places when the current situation gets better.

I have 2 knee replacement surgeries due to be scheduled soon. However the ease of amenities & all walks around the whole area being level – I am very confident & actually looking forward to getting them done & over with.

Thank you so much Carol, we wish you all the best for your surgeries & hope you recover quickly. Your home is indeed looking very beautiful.

Westover Park - Nearby Beaches in Wales 03

Westover Residential Park

Carmarthenshire is less than a 15 minute drive away and is a great day out! It has a lovely shopping centre with Debenhams and Marks & Spencer’s, quaint boutiques and Banks and restaurants!

Lovely beach towns like Tenby are only 25 minutes by train. The train station is a 10-minute walk from the park and it’s all a level walk, so easy on the legs!

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