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The Seesaw Home!

Posted on: 27/11/2018

The Seesaw Home New

The Seesaw Home!

Meet our gorgeous residents Mrs & Mr. Cowley who live in a very pretty park with spectacular views over the countryside.
Can you guess where this park could be?

Well, it’s in Cornwall and the park is aptly named Valley View! This park is located on the edge of Bodmin with spectacular views over the Cornish countryside.

Mr. Maurice Cowley moved into his lovely home in March 2017. He lives with his lovely wife, Mrs. Rita Cowley and their daughter Sue who is also their full-time Carer. They have 3 adorable dogs- Holly who is 10 years old, Mouise is 8 and Stormy is 3.

They originally lived in Swindon in Wiltshire where much of their family still lives. They have a large family with 8 children and 14 great-grandchildren!

“We don’t get to see them as much as we would like”, says Mr. Rowley “as they are all in Swindon!”

Rita loves to knit while she sits and watches the scenic views across the valley from her home. She knits jumpers and scarves for her family and tiny jumpers for her dogs. Maurice enjoys drawing and painting. Well with the lovely panoramic views, painting seems like the perfect hobby!

“When we moved into our home, the way it was located on the hill, made it look like a seesaw, so we decided to call our home ‘Seesaw’,” says Sue.

Valley View Park, Cornwall

With local pubs and restaurants within walking distance and a bus stop just outside the entrance to the park, this really is an ideal park to enjoy your golden years!

Bodmin is a historical town where the Cornish Rebellion started in 1497 and is home to the famous Bodmin Jail. Bodmin Moor provides beautiful walks across the picturesque moorland. Bodmin also offers a range of local shops, supermarkets, facilities, amenities, hospital and a railway station with good connections to the region.

While we have no new homes available in this cozy park, we have a few new homes available in Cornwall

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